Institutional textiles are different from retail textiles which are generally bought online or from big box/warehouse stores. Institutional textiles are created to stand up to the rigors of commercial use, washing and drying. Whether you’re purchasing for a university, country club, salon, or fire station you’ll need institutional-quality textiles that will keep their shape, size, color, and durability wash after wash – something retail textiles can’t deliver.


We are the Institutional Textile Experts. Founded in 1963, The Nyren Company/TMS remains a highly successful woman-owned, family-run business specializing in the institutional market. With 60 years of experience our company counts the leading global Mills as trusted partners giving us infinite options for the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Unlike online or warehouse retailers, we personally guide you through the selection and purchase process and are available 24/7 to answer questions or provide information. Being an independent distributor makes us extremely motivated, exceptionally responsive and exceedingly resourceful.


Getting you the best, most cost effective textiles is easy - just answer the following questions and let our market knowledge do the rest:

  • What’s your industry and who is the end-user?
  • What products do you need?
  • What’s your budget?


TOWELS – General Information

  • Towel Considerations:
    • Weight – in addition to size, towels are measured in pounds per dozen. With size being constant, a heavier towel will be plusher and more absorbent; lower weight towels will dry faster
    • Yarn Construction – most institutional towels are made with open end yarn for cost effectiveness; ring spun yarn is an upgrade and made from long staple cotton that is uniformly twisted to the core for added softness
    • Cotton vs. Blend – 100% cotton towels are known for softness and blended towels are known for extended durability. Of note, color towels are best in 100% cotton for color retention
    • Carton-packed towels versus Bale-packed towels – Bale-packed towels are compressed at the Mill for freight efficiency.
    • Borders (1-2 inches from the towel edge) – dobby borders are raised and decorative; cam borders are flat and simple and generally less expensive
  • What are Best Practices for towel laundering?
  • Wash towels before the first use to remove manufacturing residues and lint
  • Wash similar colors together in cold water
  • Don’t use fabric softeners as they can adversely affect durability and absorbency
  • Dry towels completely on low setting to prevent weakening of fiber



  • How many colors are available for Golf Cart towels? What is our most popular color?
    • More than 10 different colors: Navy, Black, Burgundy, Brown, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Hunter Green, French Rose, Ecru, Royal Blue, Silver Gray
    • Hunter Green is the most popular
  • Why is 100% cotton terry our favorite material for Golf Cart towels?
    • Terry is durable AND soft – it resists tearing and stretching while remaining soft after washing
    • Terry is very absorbent making it ideal for all golf club and golf cart uses
    • Terry is very washable – cotton is a low-maintenance fabric that resists stains and odors
  • How cab you limit Golf Cart towels from fading?
    • Limit the use of liquid fabric softeners as they can lead to fading and lessen absorbency. Use dryer sheets when needed.
    • Avoid bleach products and harsh chemicals and pre-treat stains quickly
    • Choose a lighter color towel OR a bleach safe towel



  • What’s our most popular fitness towel size?
    • 16 X 27 BUT
  • What’s the newest trend in Fitness Towels?
    • 11 X 44 size in the SILVERbac technology
    • SILVERbac products use a new infused technology to prevent bacteria colonization keeping the fitness towels bacteria-free, odor-free, and permanently fresh use after use, wash after wash
    • SILVERbac technology is also available in bath and hand towels and wash cloths. 



  • What’s our most popular Pool Towel size?
    • 30 X 70, bath sheet size
    • For faster drying, consider a lighter weight towel



  • What are the most popular Locker Room towel sizes?
    • Bath Towel – 27 X 54
    • Hand Towel – 16 X 30
    • Fingertip Towel – 11 X 18
    • Washcloth – 13 X 13



Designed to withstand increased usage and laundering, institutional sheets are generally crisper, heavier, and thicker than retail bedding.

  • Fabric – institutional linen is generally a blend of cotton and polyester with percale finish
    • Polyester increases durability for continual laundering and reduces the need for pressing while cotton can provide a softer finish
  • Thread Count – institutional thread counts range from 180-300 ensuring reliable softness, excellent durability and reasonable pricing
    • Thread counts never tell the full story – ask us!



  • What are Table Linens?
    • Tablecloths, Napkins, Table Skirts, Conference Cloths, Chair Covers, Aprons, Oven Mitts, Table Pads, Placemats
  • What’s the difference between each Kitchen Towel?
    • Terry Towels – a traditional drying towel, terry is made of tightly woven cotton
    • Dish Towels – these are excellent for washing dishes, pots, and pans
    • Herringbone Towels – tightly woven, lint free and multipurpose
    • Flour Sack Towels – made from soft fibers these lint-free towels are great for polishing china or glassware
    • Microfiber Towels – with added absorbency these towels quickly clean spills
    • Kitchen Bar Mops – best for wiping tables and countertops


  • How quickly can hookless shower curtains be installed or removed?
    • Under 45 seconds
  • What are the material options for Hookless Shower Curtains and what feature reduces mold and mildew?
    • Vinyl, PEVA and Polyester
    • The ultrasonic hem at the bottom allows a free flow of moisture off the curtain
  • Is there a “green” option in Hookless Shower Curtains?
    • Yes!
  • What are the material options for Hooked Shower Curtains?
    • Vinyl, Nylon and Fabric
  • What’s our most popular Vinyl gauge for shower curtains?
    • 6 gauge


  • What materials and colors are available in Basket Trucks?
    • Canvas, Vinyl and Polyethylene
    • White, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, Royal Blue, Navy, Gray, Maroon, Navy Blue, Purple and Tan
  • Can Basket Trucks be used to brand your facility?
    • Yes! Logos and wording can be imprinted on most trucks
  • How are Basket Trucks sized?
    • Basket Trucks are available in 4-bushel through 20-bushel sizes
    • A 4-bushel basket holds 480 apples



  • What are typical products in a conference/camp linen pack?
    • Bath towel, wash cloth, twin blanket, twin flat sheet, standard pillowcase, disposable pillow
  • What are growing trends for conference/camp packs?
    • Including the cost of the individual linen pack in the camp/conference fee.
    • Branding a linen pack item (ie: blanket, string bag) with conference/camp program name
    • Personal amenity bundles – mini shampoo, body wash, body lotion, personal hand sanitizer



  • Nyren/TMS's national mill relationships allows the most cost effective shipping from mill to customer
  • Using our deep shipping discounts orders are sent using the most cost-effective carrier
  • Factors determining shipping methods/costs include:
    • Shipment size and weight
    • Freight Class
    • Shipment origin and destination


  • Complimentary samples are available on most items


  • Each mill has their own return policy.  All defective goods can be returned or replaced. Custom printed items are non-refundable. There will be a nominal re-stocking fee for all other returns.